Tatiana Amor

Tatiana Amor is the Special Advisor for Mexico at The Christensen Fund where she works with Indigenous communities in supporting and strengthening their abilities to secure and exercise their rights to land, territories, resources, and sovereign systems of governance.

Tatiana has spent 15 years working with Indigenous People to build coffee, mint and artisan cooperatives in Southern Mexico, helping them to gain access for their products to fair trade markets worldwide. She also founded a coffee shop with local, organic farmers and helped them establish agroecological methods in their milpas and coffee plantations. For the last years Tatiana has lived in the town of Creel in the Sierra Tarahumara region, working with Raramuri and Odami communities to build food and water sovereignty.

She received her Bachelor and Masters’ Degree in Social Anthropology from the National Anthropology and History School where she is now a Ph.D. student. When she’s not working, Tatiana enjoys spending time with her family, books and pets.