We've helped our partners define their communication goals and have resourced a wide range of projects that amplify their stories and broaden their audience.

Check out our list of grantees:

Wildseeds Grants grantee Partners

Learn more about the fearless leaders using the power of storytelling and strategic communications to transform our food and agricultural systems and return land back to the people.

Capacity Grant grantee Partners

We proudly share the unique and creative ways in which movement leaders are building movement capacity with strategic communications.

Impact Media Awardees

FFCF’s Impact Media Award recognizes media makers who are helping bend our food and farm systems towards justice, equity, and resilience. These media makers are uplifting the stories of the food and agricultural justice movement as told by those on the frontlines of it. Through these stories, they are changing attitudes and building power for the people.

Historic Giving grantee Partners

Each year, FFCF updates our offerings to incorporate ongoing feedback and reflect takeaways from evaluation. Historic giving noted below may not fully match FFCF’s most current programs, priorities, criteria, restrictions, or funding range, which are detailed via the Grantmaking page.