Who We Are

FFCF is a participatory grantmaking fund striving to build a world where our community has the power to protect our food and agricultural systems. We believe in preserving the ancestral food traditions indigenous to our cultures by cultivating strong relationships with grassroots organizers and independent farmers who prioritize community nourishment, healing, resilience, and sustainability. Our work amplifies the powerful stories of frontline organizers prioritizing our collective health above profits and shifting the control of our food systems from corporations back to the people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide communications funding and resources for grassroots organizations and networks working to uplift frontline narratives, build power, and embolden transformative food and farm systems change.

Our journey

We were founded in 2012 by a collaborative group of funders. They were striving to support crucial organizing and base building to ensure a sustained movement to shift narratives, cultures and systems toward justice, equity and resilience. Since that time, FFCF has evolved into a deeper ecology of relationships and accountability. We now operate with a power sharing structure to ensure our community of grantee partners, movement leaders, communications strategists and funders have equal voice in decision-making and strategic direction. We use a co-governance model and have ceded grantmaking power to practitioners who are from, and working within, frontline communities who have been most impacted by systemic inequities. These partners decide how to use and leverage philanthropic capital to build community economic power and political leadership.