Kyra Busch

Kyra Busch has served as a Program Officer at The Christensen Fund since 2012. Her portfolios have included programs in Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty, Resilient Biocultural Landscapes and Indigenous Rights and Representation, and a regional program on the Colorado Plateau. Prior to joining The Christensen Fund, Kyra fostered local food sovereignty for over a decade. Alongside the Alternative Agriculture Network of Thailand and Educational Network for Global and Grassroots Exchange, she worked on successful initiatives to certify and export Fair Trade Thai jasmine rice and to prevent an inequitable U.S.-Thai free trade agreement. With the White Earth Land Recovery Project in northern Minnesota, Kyra spearheaded the nation’s first Indigenous farm-to-school program. She has represented the Republic of Maldives in international climate change negotiations and has worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency promoting tribal water quality standards.