Write Back or Get Written Out

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In 2016, Jessica Sabogal, a Colombian American artist, led a Poster Project called Write Back or Get Written Out. It is a vital call to action to own the power of our own storytelling so that our identities, stories and histories may accurately be reflected.

We chose this as the title of our most recent keynote presentation at the 2022 SAFSF Forum: Commitment & Accountability, where renowned chefs, Reem Assil, Kristina Stanley, and Thérèse Nelson, and gifted food justice advocate, Shakirah Simley, discussed the future of food media.

The mainstream food media is a culturally-homogenous landscape with a dominant narrative that suggests the industrialized food and agricultural system is efficient, and the harm it causes is necessary to feed the world. At Food & Farm Communications Fund (FFCF), we counter this false narrative by supporting values aligned leaders of color to access, create and own media platforms.

We believe it is necessary to share the story of food sovereignty, Indigenous food ways, and the living history and preservation of people and culture- particularly for communities that have suffered cultural erasure.

Change starts with our own words, our own telling of our histories and our own visions of the future. From there, we have the power to shape beliefs, inspire empathy and catalyze collective action.

View our above featured video and learn more about how we are making this happen at FFCF!

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