Seeding Change: A Decade of Movement Building

In Story by Esperanza Pallana

Food and Farm Communications Fund is committed to resourcing our community of organizers and farmers, from the ground up. Across 10 years, we've granted more than $4MM to grassroots organizations working to strengthen our food and agricultural systems, and return to indigenized practices of community and care. FFCF has also been working to build permanent organizing infrastructure among grantee partners.

From inception, we have had a fundamental focus on reindigenizing food & farm practices, reclaiming democracy, inclusive economic models, farmer engagement and cultural organizing. We are also implementing a growing regional strategy to make food justice a reality in every community- rural, urban and suburban.

of grantee partners are implementing reindigenized food and farming practices that are natural-based, sustainable, regenerative, to battle climate change and ensure safe and dignified working conditions and fair wages.

of funded projects focus on reclaiming democracy such as building political leadership, strengthening civic engagement, mobilizing for policy advocacy, and organizing for community-controlled economies.


of funded projects reflect grantee partners fostering community economic power and economic justice campaigns to support those hit hardest by COVID-19 and economic recession, such as essential workers within food and farm systems.

Ten Year Portfolio

Total Investment 2012-2022


Funding Priorities


In 2019, Food and Farm Communications Fund (FFCF) made a radical stride in philanthropy by embracing a participatory grantmaking model. In doing so, FFCF is not only providing philanthropic capital but ensuring community decision making power with capital. One of our greatest achievements is that we have truly ceded grantmaking power to grantee partners who are from, and working within, frontline communities. They are members of the very communities who have been the essential labor and talent of our food and farm systems. These are the grantee partners that decide how to use and leverage philanthropic capital to build community economic power and political leadership.

As we shifted away from funder-led decision making, we placed a premium on hiring staff who bring not only expertise in their fields, but also extensive networks and trusted relationships from within frontline communities as members and practitioners. In taking these bold steps, we are bridging the power divide to foster solidarity between funders and frontline communities.

In 2022, thanks to the generous contributions of FFCF Funders and strategic input of our steering committee and grants advisory committee, we were able to reach our greatest year of investment:


Strategies for Permanent Infrastructure

In addition to over $4MM in grant investments to communities from 2012-2022, FFCF has been working to build permanent organizing infrastructure among grantee partners. We formalized this role in 2021, when we created the Director of Programs & Movement Support position. In 2022, we established a grantee network of thirty-five initial participants to connect partners for networked activity, shared resources, education and coaching for movement organizing

For a third year, we have partnered with Social Movement Technologies and re:power to provide organizing strategy, training, and campaign support and 1:1 narrative coaching. Through these trainings, grantee partners meet organizers and campaigners from all over the world to build their network and knowledge for action ideas, strategy making, digital tools, and messaging.

Supporting Grantee Partners Across the U.S.

Join The Movement

FFCF is grounded in the belief that those most impacted by the food system must be at the forefront of transforming it and that our work is to support and invest in their efforts to do so. The need to support a resilience and community led food system is critically urgent. We invite you to join a community of funders who share the commitment to community economic power and political leadership.

Learn more about Food and Farm Communications Fund, consider making a gift, or reach out to our Executive Director, Esperanza Pallana, to discuss how FFCF fits into your portfolio of philanthropy.