A Message from Our Executive Director

In Story by Esperanza Pallana

I am humbled and honored to take on the role of Executive Director at the Food and Farm Communications Fund (FFCF), an incredible opportunity that speaks to my passions, skillset, and guiding principles: activating culture and communication strategy to build power and embolden transformative social and systemic. I have joined FFCF at a pivotal time – our tenth year! A time when we are celebrating all FFCF has accomplished and looking forward to a bold future.

As I step into this role, I am acutely aware of the opportunities and challenges facing the communities we support and serve. At FFCF, we know the harm, extraction, and destruction that racism and oppression have caused U.S. communities across systems- financial, agricultural, housing, healthcare, economic, to name only a few. While the expertise and experiential knowledge of

the most marginalized communities offer critical solutions to these systems, their efforts typically go unfunded or underfunded by grantmakers. The voices and experiences of low-income communities, communities of color, laborers and movement leaders are left out of the public narrative at highly disproportionate rates. We believe that to create food and farm systems that serve and nourish all communities, we must advance a narrative centered in justice and amplify the voice, knowledge, and power of those most impacted by our food and agricultural systems.

I am working to bridge relationships between movement leaders and funders and shift power imbalances to deepen our collaborative impact. This is reflected in our innovative power sharing model of co-governance and in our capital decisions led by movement leaders and commu-nications strategists. We are investing in frontline communications strategy and capacity building to catalyze food and agricultural systems change. Our work supports community-led solutions, grassroots networks, and media efforts.

Over the past ten years we have built a supportive culture that puts community first. We are poised with time-tested funding infrastructure and grassroots level engagement to meet the demand for communications support nationally. In my new role, I hope to count on you to join us as thought partners and co-creators of game-changing strategies that build the future our communities deserve. We are but one contributor in a larger ecosystem of movement builders and we can be most effective when we leverage our resources together.

In gratitude,
Esperanza Pallana
Executive Director

Photo credit: Lori Eanes