Our Approach

Industry spends billions annually to influence the public’s understanding of food and farming, and by extension, control policies and markets. We can’t match them dollar for dollar, but we can help farmers and rural communities get their voices out there, and we can and should recognize the critical role of communications in achieving real change and prioritize it accordingly.Leslie Hatfield, Senior Partnership & Outreach Advisor, GRACE Communications Foundation

The Power of Story

We believe that in order to create food and farm systems that foster equity, wellbeing, and resilience, we must advance a public narrative that investigates and reveals the true costs of corporate concentration and the global industrial model, showcases the centrality of agroecology and regenerative systems, and amplifies the voices and experience of those most impacted by our food and farm systems and on the frontlines of transforming them.

Our Mission

The Food and Farm Communications Fund provides targeted communications funding and resources to community-based organizations working at the forefront of food and farm systems change. The Fund advances communications initiatives and media projects to help shift narrative and further the goals of the grassroots and their allies. The Fund also seeks to influence increased funding and prioritization of communications as an essential tool in movement-building and systems change.

Our Shared Beliefs

The Food and Farm Communications Fund is guided by a common set of commitments. Together we believe in…

  • the power of story and media to change hearts, minds, and our very perceptions of what is possible;
  • the potential for communications to bridge divides—both real and imagined;
  • the wisdom of the grassroots and those most marginalized by the food system to identify root causes and provide the solutions needed to address our most pressing problems;
  • the strength of collaboration and community, and that together we are more effective and powerful in our work;
  • the need to take risks and explore the edges where innovation takes root;
  • the value in keeping our eyes on the long view and the systemic and cultural transformation required to truly achieve just, equitable, and resilient food and farm systems.

Join Us

The Food and Farm Communications Fund is an open funder collaborative with many pathways to contribute and get involved.

Be in touch! We’d love to tell you more.

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