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The Food and Farm Communications Fund has allowed me to find out about and support some of the most cutting edge, urgent, and creative media initiatives out there—something that would have been impossible for me to do on my own with the limited staffing and closed grantmaking process of our Foundation.Anna Lappé, Director, Food & Democracy Program, Panta Rhea Foundation

Are you a funder?

The Food and Farm Communications Fund is intentionally designed to offer diverse pathways for funders of all sizes and scopes to support our mission. Benefits of the collaboration include:

  • Deepened understanding of the field and the value of strategic communications;
  • Improved due diligence and a broadened network;
  • Opportunities to engage in an open process and to support worthwhile projects outside your typical grantmaking;
  • Connections in advocacy, thought leadership, and collective funding expertise; and
  • Peer-learning and camaraderie with aligned funders working on transformative change.

Furthermore, the field needs our focused support:

Nearly a quarter of the groups surveyed as part of our 2018 evaluation reported their overall communications capacity relative to their needs as “not adequate at all,” and one-third as “inadequate.” (To learn more about our findings, read “Funding Food and Farm Communications.”) We’ve seen these shortfalls play out in our grantmaking process, too: with just eight percent of groups submitting a Letter of Interest receiving a Food and Farm Communications Fund grant to date, the unmet demand for communications support is resounding.

Strategic communications is an under-used yet powerful tool for organizational wellbeing, mission fulfillment, and transformative change. Whether you are interested in joining the Fund as a participating funder, or would like to discuss ways to bolster communications in the field via your own grantmaking processes, we’d love to connect .

Grant seekers:

If you are a nonprofit organization seeking communications support, please carefully review our Grantmaking and FAQ pages for detailed information about our programs, criteria, and timelines. Still have a question? Feel free to reach out via the contact information noted below. Please note, due to the Fund’s limited staff capacity, we cannot guarantee feedback at this time, and will reply to inquiries in the order they are received.

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For questions regarding the online iGAM submission process, email:
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