Impact Media Award

Industry spends billions annually to influence the public’s understanding of food and farming, and by extension, control policies and markets. We can’t match them dollar for dollar, but we can help farmers and rural communities get their voices out there, and we can and should recognize the critical role of communications in achieving real change and prioritize it accordingly.LESLIE HATFIELD, SENIOR PARTNERSHIP & OUTREACH ADVISOR, GRACE COMMUNICATIONS FOUNDATION

Media That’s Making A Difference

The Food and Farm Communications Fund’s Impact Media Award spotlights influential media makers and platforms that are taking on big issues, challenging attitudes and beliefs, fostering collective empathy and understanding, and activating audiences to take part in transformational systemic change.

The contributions of Impact Media Award recipients:

  • Are anchored by the experience, expertise, and wisdom of those most impacted by our food and farm systems and at the forefront of transforming them;
  • Address consequential issues that have significant stakes for the people, communities, and ecosystems involved;
  • Are focused on shifting narratives, cultures, and systems toward justice, equity, and resilience.
We are thrilled to announce our 2023 Impact Media Awards:

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