The Food and Farm Communications Fund took us up two or three levels in our communications work. The videos we were able to produce were high quality, professional, and two years later are still in use. It not only raised our profile and success, but the quality also raised our internal sense of importance of our work.Food and Farm Communications Fund Grantee

Our Grant Offerings

The Food and Farm Communications Fund aims to understand and respond to the communications needs and priorities as determined by our primary grantee population, community-based organizations and grassroots networks at the forefront of food systems change. The bulk of our grant dollars are distributed through an annual two-step process, to ensure that the Fund remains accessible to new partners and ideas. Because we know in many cases money alone isn’t enough, we strive to offer additional capacity-building opportunities and communications support for our Core Grantees, to deepen the impact of our partnership. We also recognize that small boosts to communications can go a long way for organizations with limited resources, and offer Capacity Mini-Grants.

Core Grants Program

Targeted communications funding for community-based organizations

OPEN: Letters of Interest will be accepted Nov 8th through Dec 9th, 2019.

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Capacity Mini-Grants

Capacity boosts and skills development opportunities

CLOSED: The next round of Capacity Mini-Grants will take place Fall 2020.

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Impact Media Awards

Recognizing the contributions of writers, filmmakers, and reporters

By INVITATION ONLY: Award recipients will be announced late 2019.

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Past and Current Grantees

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Join Us

Since its launch in 2012, the Fund has seeded the field with more than $2.5 million in targeted communications support. Yet we know the gap in communications funding remains significant and urgent. In addition to our grant programs, we work to inspire increased investment in communications at large. If you are a funder interested in learning more about the Food and Farm Communications Fund, or ways to bolster communications through your own grantmaking, let’s connect!


Cover > Homegrown Stories by Western Organization of Resource Councils“Film Crew” by Agricultural Justice Project; “Tactics” by Food Chain Workers Alliance; Homeplace Under Fire by Farm Aid“Blueberries” by Veeterzy via Unsplash.