2023 Impact Media Award

In Awardees, Videos by Esperanza Pallana


Sewa Yuli

Sewa Yuli is being recognized for their work in progress, Siembra, a documentary on indigenous food sovereignty from across both sides of the so-called border. Siembra features voices from Indigenous farmers, seed keepers, medicine people, midwives, foragers and professors. Sewa has traveled to communities in Mexico, California and Arizona to share the experiences of people—living on their native lands, as well as those who have migrated or been detribalized—and their relationship to food. This is a story about struggle, resistance, and abundance for generations to come. Rooted in Mexican curanderismo, Sewa is a queer, community cook, student midwife providing body, and traditional Mexican postpartum care, and food justice advocate. We encourage you to view the Siembra trailer (no subtitles).
The Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Federation of Southern Cooperatives

The Federation of Southern Cooperatives has been selected as a 2023 Impact Media Awardee for their video campaign, Farmers As First Responders. This campaign shares the unjust reality that family farmers and rural communities suffer disproportionately in times of disaster and economic hardship.  By working with community-based organizations such as The Federation and its member cooperatives, farmers have the capacity to organize, coordinate and monitor these efforts via established partnerships. Founded in 1967, the Federation serves as a catalyst for the development of self-supporting communities through cooperative economic development, land retention, and advocacy. They envision sustainable rural communities supported by a network of family farmers, landowners, and cooperatives based on local control and ownership. Please view the documentary short featured in the video campaign and publications.