2019 Impact Media Award

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Civil Eats is a nonprofit news organization providing sustained, in-depth journalism and commentary on some of the most critical food and farm issues of our time.

Founded in early 2009, Civil Eats was named James Beard Foundation’s 2014 Publication of the Year. The U.S. Library of Congress also recently announced that the site will be included in a historic collection of internet materials in its Food and Foodways Web Archive. We are proud to further recognize their decade-long contribution with our inaugural Impact Media Award. Civil Eats’ clear and compelling reporting and innovative media platform have undoubtedly shaped the national conversation about the American food system. Their balanced, high-quality journalism serves as an invaluable resource for so many involved in the daily work to advance equitable, just, and sustainable food and farm systems



Through the riveting stories of five rural communities, the documentary RIGHT TO HARM exposes the failures of state agencies to regulate industrial animal agriculture and the devastating public health impact on many disadvantaged citizens throughout the United States.

RIGHT TO HARM is a reminder of the power of citizen organizing, and has furthered this message by serving as a tool for communities affected by the issue. Community organizers in Iowa have used the film to share issues with political candidates who have since announced factory farm reform policies. RIGHT TO HARM was also pivotal in influencing the American Public Health Association to advise government and public health agencies to impose a moratorium on all new and expanding Concentrated Feeding Animal Operations (CAFOs). RIGHT TO HARM is an excellent example of how media anchored by the experience of impacted communities can provide an empowering vehicle for these communities to leverage their expertise to shape a better system.