Hilde Steffey

Strategic Advisor

Hilde Steffey joined the Food and Farm Communications Fund in 2017 as its first staff. At this time, she led the Fund in a formative evaluation and strategic update grounded in the communications and narrative change priorities of grassroots organizations at the forefront of food and farm systems change. As Fund Director, Hilde sought to align the Fund’s values with its approach to grantmaking and partnerships, introducing a collaborative co-governance structure and participatory Grants Advisory Committee, and launching the Fund’s capacity-building and movement support offerings. In late 2021, Hilde shifted into a Strategic Advisor role, supporting the Fund across several functions, including developing its impact media and narrative change strategy.

Hilde is part of Justice Funder’s Harmony Initiative Class of 2021-2022 and is passionate about advancing community-centered and restorative approaches in philanthropy. Before joining the Fund, Hilde served as longtime Program Director at Farm Aid, where she oversaw grantmaking and programs and regularly collaborated with grassroots and philanthropic leaders on strategic partnerships, campaigns, and events. Hilde lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts, where she’s constantly trying to keep up with her husband and their two active children.

You can reach Hilde at Hilde@foodandfarmcommunications.org