2017 Core Grantees

  • American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association, Inc., Albuquerque, NM – to facilitate networking, sharing of best practices and expansion of culturally relevant, sustainable agri-tourism product and itineraries in Indian Country, laying the groundwork to restore indigenous food systems through associated economic and cultural impacts.
  • Center of Southwest Culture Inc., Albuquerque, NM – to support “Sembrando Salud!,” a robust communications and outreach strategy that connects underserved communities to the concepts of Victory Gardens, organic gardening, healthy eating and New Mexico's agrarian culture.
  • Farm Aid, Inc., Cambridge, MA – to support Farm Aid’s short documentary film “Homeplace Under Fire: The Farm Advocate Story,” which tells about the unseen, grassroots work of farm advocates and their fight to keep family farmers on the land.
  • Food Chain Workers Alliance, Los Angeles, CA – to support a clear communications plan and strategy to help more communities discover the potential of the Good Food Purchasing Program and Policy, which together aim to fundamentally transform the way public institutions purchase food and grow the market for a values-based supply chain.
  • Land Stewardship Project, Minneapolis, MN – to enhance communications with farmers and policymakers at the intersection of agriculture, soil health, and climate change, as part of the “Bridge to Soil Health” initiative.
  • Mesa Media Inc., Polacca, AZ – to support efforts to document and celebrate Hopi food and farming knowledge by producing multimedia communications that maintain Hopi farming and food practices as living traditions.
  • Nollie Jenkins Family Center Inc., Durant, MS – to support “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Land: African American Agricultural Heritage and Sustainability”—a four-part documentary and media-engagement strategy targeting farming communities in Mississippi.
  • Practical Farmers of Iowa, Ames, IA – to generate innovative messaging to farmers and the broader community on alternatives to current farming practices prevalent in Iowa.
  • Regents of The University of California At Berkeley, Berkeley, CA – to launch a data visualization platform to unmask the larger power structures at play within the national and global food system and to serve as a powerful advocacy and educational tool.