2016 Core Grantees

  • California Institute for Rural Studies Inc., Davis, CA – to support the “Cal Ag Roots: Docks to Delta” series, using storytelling, podcasts, listening sessions and dialogues to demonstrate the power of integrating historical analysis into movement narratives and strategies.
  • Dakota Resource Council, Bismark, ND – to galvanize North Dakotans around bedrock community values to re-establish family owned and operated agriculture and to reconnect constituencies to promote links between farms and culture.
  • Food Chain Workers Alliance, Los Angeles, CA – to support a clear communications plan and strategy to help more communities discover the potential of the “Good Food Purchasing Program” and Policy, which together aim to fundamentally transform the way public institutions purchase food and grow the market for a values-based supply chain.
  • HEAL Food Alliance (via Movement Strategy Center, Oakland, CA) – to support “Plate of the Union: HEAL Food Alliance Political Leadership Campaign,” which aims to broaden voters' awareness of how our food system affects our health, the environment, agriculture, labor, and local economies.
  • Land Stewardship Project, Minneapolis, MN – to support the “Bridge to Soil Health” project, which will work with crop and livestock farmers to significantly build soil health, and share these farmers' stories widely, including in public-policy debate.
  • Real Food Media Project (via Corporate Accountability International, Boston, MA) – to produce movement-building communications about food and sustainability and to expose industry spin-inspiring people to believe that changing the food system is possible, as well as connecting them with meaningful action.
  • Rural Advancement Foundation International USA, Pittsboro, NC – to support a multimedia, multi-platform campaign aimed to capture the attention of farmers, social justice advocates, policy makers, journalists and the public to increase engagement, farmer awareness, and public discourse around the abuses of contract farming.
  • Sagal Radio Services Inc, Stone Mountain, GA – to create media in Somali, Amharic, Swahili, Karen and Bhutanese/Nepalese—the languages of 70% of recently arrived refugees in Georgia—to support and advocate for local global farmers and to expand refugees' knowledge of and access to good food locally grown.
  • Savé PNG, Papua New Guinea (via Rudolf Steiner Foundation, San Francisco, CA) – to support “The Food is Life Melanesia” project, using communications tools to encourage the consumption of local foods and to alleviate the growing rate of social problems associated with poor health, economic disadvantages and climate disaster in the countries of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia known as Melanesia in the Pacific Region.