2014 Core Grantees

  • Civil Eats (via Sustainable Markets Foundation, NY) – to support Civil Eats, a daily news and source for critical commentary about the American food system.
  • Common Market, Philadelphia, PA – to support efforts to communicate sustainable food production values to consumers at retail outlets, to participants in direct-to-consumer programs, and to decision makers at institutions, corporations, and in government.
  • Food and Society Policy Fellows (via Ag Innovations, Sebastapool, CA) – to create a portal that will capture information about—and content produced by—86 individuals who participated in the Kellogg Food and Society Policy/Food and Community program in the course of 13 years.
  • From the Heart Productions Inc., Ojai, CA – to support the documentary film “Ground Operations: Battlefields to Farmfields” and accompanying social action campaign, which together champion returning combat veterans who are transitioning to civilian life to pursue a second career in sustainable farming, grassfed-livestock ranching, and artisan food production.
  • Real Food Media Project (via Corporate Accountability International, Boston, MA) – to support the Project's initiatives designed to inspire people to think differently about their relationship to the food system and to get involved in community-level change.
  • The Lexicon of Sustainability (via the Worldlink Foundation, Petaluma, CA) – to support the Lexicon’s grassroots program, lifting up the voice of local solutions via information sharing projects, Pop Up Art Shows, Project Localize, and Short Subject Films.