2013 Core Grantees

  • Food and Environment Reporting Network, New York, NY – to support investigative reporting that brings to light information empowering the wider public in their day-to-day lives, from issues of food safety to the environmental impacts of food production and corporate influence.
  • Institutes for Journalism Natural Resources, Missoula, MT – to conduct two immersion training “institutes” (one in the W. Michigan Kalamazoo Rivershed, the other on the North Carolina Coast) to increase the efficacy and proficiency of journalists covering complex food and ag stories.
  • National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC), Washington, D.C. (via the Center for Rural Affairs, Lyons, NE) – to increase NSAC’s media and communications impact through strategic editorial placement and fostering new relationships between partners and traditional media.
  • Practical Farmers of Iowa, Ames, IA – to provide training, staff assistance, and advertising to help a cadre of farmers secure widespread media coverage on how sustainable farmers are "growing more than crops, bringing more than food to the table.”
  • Real Food Media Project (via Corporate Accountability International, Boston, MA) – to support the Project's initiatives designed to inspire people to think differently about their relationship to the food system and to get involved in community-level change.
  • Union of Concerned Scientists, Boston, MA – to leverage enhanced communications strategies to create policy opportunities for healthy food and farms, to enhance the communications capacity of expert and advocacy communities, and to expand resources for communications across these groups.